Adolfo Rodriguez

A few words about Adolfo

With years of combined experience, our team will work hard to get you to the closing.

Adolfo rodriguez

Allow me to introduce myself as a humble and hardworking individual who takes pride in ensuring that my clients expectations are met at the most affordable price. Born and raised in the beautiful town of Corozal, and having worked for the Government of Belize in different capacities within the Natural Resources and Lands department for 9 years allowed me to have a great understanding of the needs of my people in Corozal. Managing these different departments, I was exposed to all legal procedures within the land registry department and developed a passion of ensuring that all necessary procedures are carried out within a timely fashion. I also worked with land closings, wills and testaments and registering or incorporating the different types of businesses.

This wonderful job experience brought about my business; Shaila & Chastelyn Land Consultancy Realty. We have come a long way since our inception creating a household name for those living in Corozal and Northern most regions of Belize. We believe there is always a better way in offering quality service and noticed the demand of our expertise in these delectate areas. With our vast knowledge we assure you that all your (land related) transactions will be done at its full capacity.

Our dedicated team includes our Grants Officer, two legal clerks, a marketing manager, a financial controller and customer service agent. At Shaila and Chastelyn we believe that everyone is important and no one is just a client but rather a lifelong reference.

Mr. Arthur Higgins of Mayan Sea Side Estates and Jeff Jackson of Oasis Subdivisions among many others would attest to the quality of my service.